Has moment passed on privatizing air traffic control, an idea backed by American and Southwest?

Our grassroots efforts to stop the big airline's air traffic control privatization scheme are working, however the airlines and their friends in Congress are not giving up: "A Shuster [the bill's main backer] spokesman said 'nothing has changed' in the chairman’s priorities. A broader...

The next airline IT outage could happen at any time — are you prepared?

The Washington Post details a litany of serious big airline-caused IT crashes while those same airlines continue to push for an air traffic control takeover. Learn the facts here and take action here. 

A plea for transparency on airline fees

Consumer Reports Contributing Editor and FAA-licensed aircraft dispatcher Bill McGee shines an ugly spotlight on the big airlines’ opaque and unfair pricing practices for their myriad of outrageous fees and how Trump's DOT is playing right along.



Delta employees detail a pattern of anti-Semitic abuse at airline

Yet another disturbing allegation of serious passenger mistreatment by the big airlines. From reports of racism and anti-Semitism to weak responses to in-flight sexual assault and harassment, these are the last companies that we should put in charge of our air traffic control system.


Southwest Airlines Settles Suit but Denies Colluding to Keep Ticket Prices High

Southwest ponies up $15 million to settle allegations that it conspired with Delta, American and United to limit the number of seats and keep airfares high.This is just the latest evidence that we need much stronger passenger protections from our elected officials, including stopping the...

Your Turn: We need private air traffic control like a hole in the head

Economist and public finance expert Max Sawicky starkly reveals the serious pitfalls of air traffic control privatization. 


Women detail sexual assaults and harassment on commercial flights

Multiple brave women have stepped forward to report highly disturbing incidents of sexual harassment and assault during commercial flights - and an incompetent and often dismissive response from the big airlines: "I felt like no one, no one that was supposed to be in charge could handle the...

Flyer’s Rights: Fee Fie Ho Hum

Last week, the Department of Transportation (DOT) abolished an Obama-era proposal that required carriers to disclose baggage fees. The reversal is a gift for the airlines’ bottom line and a slap in the face for flyers who deserve transparency when buying a ticket.  

Flyer's Rights: DOT’s gift to the big three airlines is coal in passengers’ stockings

The Big Three airlines just got an early Christmas present from the DOT and airline passengers got scrooged. The fees juggernaut driven by the legacy airlines that saddles consumers with add-on fees shows no sign of slowing. In 2017, the Big Three U.S. airlines -- American, Delta, and United --...

Rules Requiring Airlines to Disclose Fees Killed by Trump's DOT

In yet another anti-consumer move, the Trump administration killed two critical efforts to make airline fare information easier for customers to understand. “Having the DOT step back from developing rules to allow consumers to know the full price of travel and to be able to comparison shop is an...