Why is it so hard to get the airline seat assignment you want?

Congress passed a law in the last FAA reauthorization bill directing the Transportation Department to establish a policy that a family who purchases tickets for a flight be seated together during that flight. Problem is, the Transportation hasn’t created that regulation yet and is unlikely to do...

National Consumers League statement on demise of ATC privatization bill

“We are glad to see Chairman Shuster dropping this ill-conceived plan to allow the nation’s largest airlines to take over America’s air traffic control system. This is a win for the flying public. Congress should instead focus on restoring consumer rights and protections to the flying public. We...

Shuster throws in the towel on FAA plan

Great News: Your collective calls, letters, and grassroots efforts to Congress have paid off as the backers of the big airlines' terrible ATC privatization scheme were forced to admit defeat for now.


The FAA May Put An End to Shrinking Airline Seats and Cramped Leg Room

The FAA is set to announce the results of its review of seat sizes and leg room, which could prevent airlines from further reducing the space available to passengers. As the greedy airlines cram a few extra seats on board, the flying public is fed up with the industry's inhumane actions and...

'How does one airline run out of de-icer?': Some gripes at Midway after Southwest's cancellations

The Big Airlines like Southwest that can't figure out how much de-icer to buy during a Chicago winter certainly can't be trusted to manage our air traffic control system.

Trump to Again Seek to Spin Off U.S. Air-Traffic Control, Official Says

Inclusion of the big-airline backed air traffic control privatization scheme in Trump's 2019 budget blueprint means that we all must redouble our efforts to contact our elected officials to make clear that handing over (for free) our ATC system to a private corporate board heavily influenced by...

Consumer Advocates Push Back Against Easing Of Airline Regulations

These worrisome developments continue to illustrate the importance of Congress passing a robust Passenger Bill of Rights to fight the money-hungry big airlines.

Airlines allegedly split up families to make more money

Families are being separated and young children forced to sit alone and unattended, travel advocate Chris Elliot said. “One of the lowest things an airline can do is separate travelers,” he said. “They are doing this intentionally to make money.”



Should You Worry About Getting Sick From a Plane Flight? Maybe

The Big Airlines seem to be experts at cutting corners, even when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing the planes, putting all of us at risk. These are the last folks we should trust to run our air traffic control system.   

Bad reputation: America’s Top 20 most-hated companies

No surprise here, United and Spirit Airlines make the dubious list of America's Most Hated Companies. The big airlines consistently rank at or near the bottom of most consumer satisfaction surveys and are the last companies we want to entrust to oversee our vital air traffic control system....