Almost every time we step on a plane, we entrust our lives to one of the big airlines. For them to allegedly ignore the severity of a passenger's illness to avoid the possibility of a small delay is just despicable and unacceptable.


Country music singer RaeLynn claims American Airlines flight attendant harassed her over diabetes service dog

Perhaps instead of harassing passengers for using legitimate service animals, the airlines should concentrate on doing a much better job of taking care of our furry family members and getting to the bottom of alarming incidents of lost and dead companions.  

United Airlines CEO's home is among 4 to receive warnings from state for removing sand from beach

Maybe instead of illegally eroding the private beach where his mansion sits, United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz should concentrate on improving his company’s operational and customer service practices? Just a thought.


Customers Just Told United Airlines What They Really Think of It (It's Uglier Than You Think)

Rapid airline consolidation and less competition means that airlines like United are increasingly putting profits over passengers. The industry has veered towards absolutely hostile customer service and increasingly unfair business practices while also facing nearly daily issues with computer...

Another airline mishap led to a puppy’s days-long, cross-country misadventure

The airlines' recent string of incidents with our pets is alarming: A dog was forced into the overhead bin by a flight attendant and tragically died, another family's dog was sent to Japan instead of its new home in Kansas, and now a puppy was flown thousands of miles around the country, landing...

United Airlines took wheelchair from man who fell at Orlando International, lawsuit says

Carelessly taking away an elderly man's wheelchair before he’s safely onboard leading to serious injuries. What else would you expect from an industry that increasingly squeezes every last dollar out of its passengers while providing absolutely hostile customer service.


American Airlines Passenger: 'My Son Nearly Died. I'm Not Going to Stop'

Francine Ingrassia's son nearly died because American Airlines did not have the proper medical equipment on board their aircraft. A bill to require airlines to carry EpiPens aboard stalled a few years ago, and advocates are trying a new tack now: attempting to get the provision included in the...

She said she was raped on a flight. American Airlines called it a 'nuisance claim.' Now, she's speaking out

In June 2017, Aubrey Lane reported being trapped in an airplane lavatory and raped by a noticeably intoxicated man who’d been sitting next to her during the flight. American Airlines callously described Lane’s allegations as a “nuisance claim” in a letter that offered her $5,000 after her...

United Airlines mistakenly flies Kansas-bound German shepherd to Japan

United is having a truly deplorable week chock full of alarming mistreatment of our furry friends. Just a day after a dog was forced into the overhead bin by a flight attendant and tragically died, United accidentally sent an Oregon family's dog to Japan instead of their new home in Kansas....

Horrified United passenger finds 10-month-old puppy dead after flight attendant forces her to put her pet in an overhead bin

Yet another heart-wrenching and unacceptable airline failure, this time involving the needless death of a beloved pet who was forced into an overhead bin by a United flight attendant. We must demand more accountability from these monopolistic corporations - and Congress needs to pass a robust...