American Airlines Is Sorry You're Upset With Them, Just Not Sorry Enough To Fix The Real Problem

Renowned professor and management consultant Peter Drucker exposes the big airlines' deplorable operational failures and misleading excuses for their perpetual lateness:


Joint consumer advocacy letter urges senators to support bipartisan FAIR fees provision - National Consumers League

FAIR FEES would prohibit the big airlines from charging cancellation and change fees that are unreasonable and disproportionate to the actual cost of providing the service.



When Airline CEOs Try the Cheap Seats

Color us skeptical. Given their deplorable customer service and operational performance, we simply can’t trust the word of the big airlines that they will somehow do the right thing.

Mom: Airline wouldn't allow medical bag on flight

In yet another disturbingly common and hostile customer service incident, a United gate agent told Jill Levy-Fisch to check her special temperature-controlled medical bag for her daughter's Lyme disease because it was allegedly too big to fit in the overhead bins. Jill says she tried to explain...

Senator introduces airfare-transparency bill: Travel Weekly

Sen. Amy Klobuchar has introduced a bill, the Air Travel Ticketing Transparency and Protection Act, that would improve transparency and customer service standards for the sale of airline tickets.



Airlines shrink plane lavatories to add more seats

In a dangerous and greedy effort to pack more seats on every plane, the big airlines have been disregarding their passengers and shrinking the sizes of their lavatories.

Hillsboro family sues airline for breaking wheelchair

This is more disturbing evidence graphically illustrating continued deplorable and unacceptable passenger treatment from the big airlines, especially towards those living with physical disabilities.

Dear Sardines, The Tin Is On Us

As millions of Americans headed off to celebrate the Fourth of July this week, it was a busy day for FlyersRights. That's because the FAA tried to sneak some bad news for passengers under the radar.

Mysterious airline fees are costing passengers hundreds of dollars and no one knows what they go to pay for

"For airlines, one way to squeeze more revenue out of a passenger is through fees. Fees that are somewhat mysterious and can be quite pricey for travelers. The 'carrier-imposed fees,' as the name would suggest, goes directly into the airlines' bank accounts."

Aviation director breaks silence on American Airlines' fiasco

A Charlotte Airport Manager breaks their silence on American Airlines' recent catastrophic IT failure that caused 3,000 flight cancellations in early June. When asked whether American should lose valuable tax breaks, he deferred to politicians and others to make that determination....