Trump to Again Seek to Spin Off U.S. Air-Traffic Control, Official Says

Inclusion of the big-airline backed air traffic control privatization scheme in Trump's 2019 budget blueprint means that we all must redouble our efforts to contact our elected officials to make clear that handing over (for free) our ATC system to a private corporate board heavily influenced by...

Consumer Advocates Push Back Against Easing Of Airline Regulations

These worrisome developments continue to illustrate the importance of Congress passing a robust Passenger Bill of Rights to fight the money-hungry big airlines.

Airlines allegedly split up families to make more money

Families are being separated and young children forced to sit alone and unattended, travel advocate Chris Elliot said. “One of the lowest things an airline can do is separate travelers,” he said. “They are doing this intentionally to make money.”



Should You Worry About Getting Sick From a Plane Flight? Maybe

The Big Airlines seem to be experts at cutting corners, even when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing the planes, putting all of us at risk. These are the last folks we should trust to run our air traffic control system.   

Bad reputation: America’s Top 20 most-hated companies

No surprise here, United and Spirit Airlines make the dubious list of America's Most Hated Companies. The big airlines consistently rank at or near the bottom of most consumer satisfaction surveys and are the last companies we want to entrust to oversee our vital air traffic control system....

Airfares may rise in 2018 as airlines face higher fuel costs

Here's an idea: Maybe they can recoup the higher fuel costs by tapping into just a small percentage of the $54 billion in fees they took from the pockets of their passengers in 2017?

The mystery of the increasing airfare

"Airlines and agencies have long denied that they leverage customer data to display an initial low fare then switch it out with a higher price once they know you're interested in buying a ticket. It's difficult to prove or disprove. It would probably take a lawsuit, a government investigation...

NBC Nightly News: Watch out for the airlines' unsavory and misleading marketing

Here's another stark example of the big airlines' unsavory and misleading marketing practices and the need for buyer beware.



Has moment passed on privatizing air traffic control, an idea backed by American and Southwest?

Our grassroots efforts to stop the big airline's air traffic control privatization scheme are working, however the airlines and their friends in Congress are not giving up: "A Shuster [the bill's main backer] spokesman said 'nothing has changed' in the chairman’s priorities. A broader...

The next airline IT outage could happen at any time — are you prepared?

The Washington Post details a litany of serious big airline-caused IT crashes while those same airlines continue to push for an air traffic control takeover. Learn the facts here and take action here.