A woman says United Airlines paid her $75 in hush money when a man masturbated next to her on a flight — and it's part of a disturbing trend

A grotesque, immoral and unacceptable response from United Airlines, which clearly seems way more concerned about its image than the personal safety and dignity of its own passengers. Big Air continues to demonstrate that it cannot police themselves so Congress needs to step up and step in now...

These Eye-Popping Numbers Tell Us How Shockingly Full Flights Really Are These Days

"Carriers have reduced 'pitch' - the distance between a point on one seat to the same point on the seat ahead – from around 34 inches down to around 31 inches, or even less in some cases. That’s allowed them to wedge two, three, or even more rows of closely-smooshed seats into their...

Big airlines vs passengers: 'Consumers are just fed up with this'

Leading consumer groups (including our great partners National Consumers League and FlyersRights) are sounding the alarms regarding obscene $30 checked bag fees, troubling airline evacuation videos demonstrating potential safety risks from overcrowded planes, low-pitch seats, shrinking...

United Airlines will charge an extra fee for economy seats near the front of the plane

Here's yet another example of Big Air finding new and ever more frustrating ways to nickel and dime their passengers while providing increasingly horrible customer and operational service.

  St. Louis airline passengers stranded for days in Vegas after red-eye canceled

A Missouri family celebrating their daughter's birthday in Las Vegas was left high and dry for days by Frontier Airlines in yet another unacceptable and alarming breakdown in operational and customer service where straight answers were nearly impossible to find.


Father says diverted flight left his kids staying with stranger, other children at hotel

Frontier Airlines' abysmally bad week of mishaps continues. Chad Gray said no one from Frontier ever contacted him or the children's mother. Gray said his son had to borrow another child's cell phone to let his dad know they were in Atlanta and heading to a hotel.


Via Air passengers say the airline stranded them 450 miles away from their destination

Regional carrier Via Airlines clearly doesn't seem to want to differentiate itself from its larger brethren when it comes to deplorable customer service and unacceptable operational mishaps.


American Airlines Is Sorry You're Upset With Them, Just Not Sorry Enough To Fix The Real Problem

Renowned professor and management consultant Peter Drucker exposes the big airlines' deplorable operational failures and misleading excuses for their perpetual lateness:


Joint consumer advocacy letter urges senators to support bipartisan FAIR fees provision - National Consumers League

FAIR FEES would prohibit the big airlines from charging cancellation and change fees that are unreasonable and disproportionate to the actual cost of providing the service.



When Airline CEOs Try the Cheap Seats

Color us skeptical. Given their deplorable customer service and operational performance, we simply can’t trust the word of the big airlines that they will somehow do the right thing.