United flight attendant tells mom her baby’s crying is ‘completely unacceptable’  

 It's yet another incident of deplorable customer service, as the big airlines make it more and more difficult for families to fly together.


FAA reauthorization bill is a missed opportunity to address add-on fees

 Kudos to APFJ partner National Consumers League for shining the spotlight on some of the biggest shortcomings in the FAA Re-Authorization, namely Congress' unwillingness to address the continuing problem of add on fees which make Big Air billions of dollars a year.



FAA funding bill could cut 'unreasonable' airline fees

“The only thing the airline industry is more committed to than increasing fees for passengers is defeating the provision in the FAA reauthorization bill,” Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) said.



Will Congress rescue travelers from excessive airline fees?  

The FAA reauthorization bill, as currently stipulated, would strip airlines of the ability to levy all sorts of fees and entrust that oversight to the secretary of transportation.

Are Airlines Sure We Can Flee Planes Fast? No Way  

The New York Times Editorial Board takes Big Air to task for putting profits over the comfort and safety of the flying public.

Mom: Airline wouldn't allow medical bag on flight

In yet another disturbingly common and hostile customer service incident, a United gate agent told Jill Levy-Fisch to check her special temperature-controlled medical bag for her daughter's Lyme disease because it was allegedly too big to fit in the overhead bins. Jill says she tried to explain...

American Airlines Considers Ending Ticket Changes If Congress Limits Fees  

In yet another anti-consumer move, American Airlines would consider barring passengers from changing nonrefundable tickets if Congress limits what carriers can charge for the adjustments. The language limiting what carriers can charge for ticket changes is being supported by consumer groups as a...

Flying Together With Your Children Keeps Getting Tougher

“If you’re traveling with a 4-year-old, it’s not a convenience to have seats together. It’s a necessity,” says Rainer Jenss, president of the Family Travel Association. "If you’re forced to pay a premium because you’re traveling with a child, it’s discrimination.” Charging young families...

Airlines' $57 billion question: Is there anything left to charge passengers for?

From sitting with family members, checked and carry on luggage, flight changed, early boarding, blankets, WiFi, and soft drinks, what other absurd and unfair fees will airlines invent next!?



Senators Blumenthal, Markey push to limit airline baggage fees

The big airlines are at it again, charging sky high fees as they nickel and dime passengers - and right in time for last weekend's holiday travel rush. Now Congress needs to step in once again because you can always count on the airlines to do the wrong thing.