Air traffic control privatization: A risky corporate giveaway that will harm consumers

United Airlines’ deplorable assault on a paying passenger can make us all wonder if passengers have any legal rights at all, and certainly has reminded us all of the need for more congressional oversight of the airlines.

Unfortunately, the big airlines are now pushing a risky air traffic...

Air Traffic Control Is Trump’s Problem in a Nutshell: Privatization Harms the GOP Base

It’s a cliché to observe that the objectives of the Republican Party do not often align with the interests of its  constituents—that an unholy alliance of megacapitalists and forgotten men is bound to have its fissures.

House members slam air-traffic control privatization

House lawmakers who decide how much to spend on the Federal Aviation Administration blasted President Trump’s proposal to privatize air-traffic control Thursday, saying that the plan lacks government oversight.

Trump Backs Air Traffic Control Privatization

President Trump endorsed a proposal on Monday to privatize air traffic control, seizing on a decades-old idea as proof that he is advancing the ambitious infrastructure rebuilding plan he promised during his campaign but is still months from delivering.

Rep. DeFazio rips airline CEOs at congressional hearing

Watch video Democratic Representative Peter DeFazio blasting airline CEOs: “The airlines lack of focus on the traveling public and its repeated failure to invest in IT infrastructure only add to the many reasons I will continue to oppose privatization of air traffic control.”

Why airlines get away with terrible customer service

The public has been treated so poorly for so long by the airlines, it has become normalized.