Flyer’s Rights: Fee Fie Ho Hum

Last week, the Department of Transportation (DOT) abolished an Obama-era proposal that required carriers to disclose baggage fees. The reversal is a gift for the airlines’ bottom line and a slap in the face for flyers who deserve transparency when buying a ticket.  

Flyer's Rights: DOT’s gift to the big three airlines is coal in passengers’ stockings

The Big Three airlines just got an early Christmas present from the DOT and airline passengers got scrooged. The fees juggernaut driven by the legacy airlines that saddles consumers with add-on fees shows no sign of slowing. In 2017, the Big Three U.S. airlines -- American, Delta, and United --...

Rules Requiring Airlines to Disclose Fees Killed by Trump's DOT

In yet another anti-consumer move, the Trump administration killed two critical efforts to make airline fare information easier for customers to understand. “Having the DOT step back from developing rules to allow consumers to know the full price of travel and to be able to comparison shop is an...

American lacks pilots for more than 15,000 December flights after computer glitch gave too many time off

With epic logistical fails like this increasingly becoming the norm, the big airlines are the last folks we want to put in charge of managing air traffic control.


GOP wants to privatize air traffic control and let airlines run it. That’s terrible for Americans

Congressman Garamendi: “A bipartisan group of lawmakers is seeking to keep existing air traffic control modernization programs on pace and provide consistent funding for the FAA  to implement all of its safety programs. This strategy would decrease delays, improve efficiency, and allow the FAA...

Horrible Things United Airlines Has Done To Passengers Flying The Friendly Skies

The amount of United Airlines passenger abuse that has occurred is as baffling as it is troubling. As if the stress of traveling and extra fees weren’t bad enough, you could be on the receiving end of one of these awful abuses from United. 

Airlines to rake in record $57 billion in passenger fees this year, study shows

From abusive treatment, ever smaller seats, computer crashes, lost luggage/pets/children, bait and switch advertising and route cuts to small and medium size airports, the airlines consistently put their bottom line above their customers and communities - and on top of all that, they are raking...

This aviation bill is a one-way ticket to monopoly

Major consumer advocacy group leaders agree: Privatizing air traffic control is a one way ticket to monopoly.


Air Traffic privatization a threat to Newton airport

Leaders representing a wide range of political ideologies agree that handing over air traffic control to a private corporate board heavily influenced by the big airlines is a terrible idea for airports both small and large across the country.

Air Travelers Resisting the ‘Incredible Shrinking Airline Seat’

Paul Hudson, president of FlyersRights, said the need for seat regulation is driven by safety concerns. Passengers have been getting taller and wider, even as airlines push for slimmer seats, but regulations still stipulate that planes have to be able to be evacuated in just a minute and a half...