Critics question influence of airline travel perks on Congress

Leading consumer advocates, including APFJ strategic partners and the National Consumers League, are sounding the alarms on how generous airline benefits can sway members of Congress into making more favorable policy decisions when it comes to big airlines industry,...

Sun Country Forgets to Load an Entire Flight’s Luggage

Less than two months after canceling a flight and stranding an entire planeload of passengers in Mexico, Sun Country is in the news again for failing to load an entire plane's worth of luggage. Perhaps Sun Country, which charges some of the highest bag fees in the industry, should put...

Airline ticket prices on the rise as jet fuel prices increase

Bag fees were originally started by the big airlines to combat fuel prices in the aftermath of the 2008 recession. But, when fuel prices went back down, the big airlines did not drop their fees - rather, they invented new ways to nickel and dime us.

Dog dies during Delta Air Lines Layover in Michigan

It's another worrisome incident of a seemingly healthy furry family member dying in transit on a big airline and distraught family members searching for answers.


Cal Coach Lindsay Gottlieb Says Southwest Airlines Demanded Proof She Was Her Biracial Son's Mother

After being provided a passport and birth certificate, the Southwest Airlines employee then asked the dismayed mother if she could prove she was the mother with a Facebook post. It's just another example of the big airlines’ continued deplorable record of customer service.

Whitney: Congress made the right decision by not privatizing air traffic control

Another credible, bi-partisan voice exposing The Washington Post's misguided views on air traffic control privatization. Tell your member of Congress that this idea should be permanently shelved in favor of actual policies that will strengthen passenger protection and increase big airline...

U.S. airlines imperil passengers by conducting repairs overseas, union says

Airlines are always looking for ways to save a buck, even if it means outsourcing aircraft maintenance to foreign countries with inferior mechanic qualifications, lower pay and less access for FAA-led facility inspections.



Nigerian woman removed from United Airlines flight after white male passenger told crew she smelled bad

The allegations in this lawsuit are disturbing and should again raise alarms regarding United and other big airlines’ continued deplorable record of customer service.



American Airlines employee publicly embarrassed breastfeeding mother: 'How many bοοbs do you have?'

American Airlines and other big carriers need to do far more employee training so that incidents like this never happen again. Trying to buy off your passengers with $75 is not the answer.



Washington doesn’t need to enable big airlines’ power grab

Kudos are due to our partner National Consumers League for setting the record straight on The Washington Post's inaccurate op-ed on the airlines attempt to take over air traffic control and our broad coalition that helped stopped them from doing so.