Senator Blumenthal highlights airline passenger protections

Senator Richard Blumenthal has been a tremendous advocate for the flying public. Watch this video where he lays out some of the new airline passenger protections, including restrictions on airlines to bump passengers once they have cleared the gate, cash back for delays and bag damage, and...

JetBlue CEO Defends Bag Fee Hike as Cost of Doing Business

JetBlue and their big airline cabal made more than $6 billion on fees (including for baggage) last year alone while their lobbyists work day and night to oppose #FAIRFees and similar proposed legislative passenger protections in Congress. No wonder JetBlue's CEO tries to change the subject and...

FAA must speed up its plan to address airline passengers' complaints about small seats: Schumer

"FAA, do the study. Implement the law and get us back to the days when, even though the seats were tight, you could fit in to them without severe discomfort," Sen. Senator Chuck Schumer said.

Lawsuit settlement: Southwest, American Airlines customers may be able to get money

Alert: Southwest Airlines settled a class action lawsuit alleging price collusion between multiple airlines and agrees to pay $15 million. American Airlines previously paid $45 million and attorneys are pursuing additional settlements against other airlines.  

Airline Fees Bite Harder

Leading personal finance publication Kiplinger's shines the light on Big Air's never-ending fee increases and customer benefit cuts just in time for the peak holiday travel season.

If Only Airline Tickets Were Like Sports Tickets

Due to massive consolidation, collusion, and political power, Big Air gets away with things that nearly no other industry could or would. The current situation therefore demands far more regulatory scrutiny from our elected officials.

JetBlue posts $50 million 3Q profit as fares, ancillary revenues rise

The big airlines made more than $6 billion on fees last year alone and at the same time they are fighting FAIR Fees protections with their lobbyists in Congress, they are gouging us even more at the gate.


Cramped Legroom On Flights Unlikely To Change, Despite Congressional Mandate

Kudos to our partner FlyersRights Pres. Paul Hudson for sounding the alarm on Big Air’s aggressive dangerous attempts to thwart regulation on seat size and it’s potential impact on emergency evacuation. In the recently passed FAA re-authorization, Congress mandated changes but as usual big...

Alaska Airlines joins other carriers in charging more to check bags

Bag fees were originally started by the big airlines to combat fuel prices in the aftermath of the 2008 recession. But, when fuel prices went back down, the big airlines did not drop their fees - rather, they invented new ways to nickel and dime us.


An Airline Legend Tells Today's Industry Bosses To Pay More Attention To Dissatisfied Passengers

"The airline industry has gone too far in reducing comfort in order to add more seats to their planes."