Airlines shrink plane lavatories to add more seats

In a dangerous and greedy effort to pack more seats on every plane, the big airlines have been disregarding their passengers and shrinking the sizes of their lavatories.

Hillsboro family sues airline for breaking wheelchair

This is more disturbing evidence graphically illustrating continued deplorable and unacceptable passenger treatment from the big airlines, especially towards those living with physical disabilities.

Dear Sardines, The Tin Is On Us

As millions of Americans headed off to celebrate the Fourth of July this week, it was a busy day for FlyersRights. That's because the FAA tried to sneak some bad news for passengers under the radar.

Mysterious airline fees are costing passengers hundreds of dollars and no one knows what they go to pay for

"For airlines, one way to squeeze more revenue out of a passenger is through fees. Fees that are somewhat mysterious and can be quite pricey for travelers. The 'carrier-imposed fees,' as the name would suggest, goes directly into the airlines' bank accounts."

Aviation director breaks silence on American Airlines' fiasco

A Charlotte Airport Manager breaks their silence on American Airlines' recent catastrophic IT failure that caused 3,000 flight cancellations in early June. When asked whether American should lose valuable tax breaks, he deferred to politicians and others to make that determination....

An Angry American Airlines Employee Threw My Phone on the Floor, Says Passenger (Yes, an Annoying Fee Was Involved)

In yet another disturbingly hostile customer service incident, an American Airlines gate agent grabbed a customer's phone and slammed it on the floor during an exchange regarding a $200 fee he was charged to fix an error made by a travel agent in one of the passenger names on his ticket...

A Delta flight attendant reportedly kicked 5 passengers off of a plane after an argument over airplane mode

Removing five passengers because of an argument over airplane mode? What else would you expect from an industry that increasingly squeezes every last dollar out of its passengers while providing absolutely hostile - and ridiculous - customer service.

The Airline Fee That Exists for No Apparent Reason

"Of all the maneuvers airlines make with ticket pricing, this one may be the most devious," writes the Wall Street Journal of carrier-imposed fees. "The carrier fees began as fuel surcharges a decade ago. But now they appear truly arbitrary."

DOT watchdog examining airplane overcrowding

DOT’s inspector general has initiated an audit to determine whether evacuations under current aircraft conditions can still meet the 90-second standard deplaning passengers in an emergency.

Regional carrier on reduced schedule at CLT, again leaving passengers frustrated

With epic logistical fails and technological disruptions like this increasingly becoming the norm, the big airlines should consider taking some of the billions they rake in from passengers in bag fees and invest that in their own infrastructure.