Wyden introduces Bill of Rights for airline passengers

"Excessive and unexpected fees, delays and cancellations, overbooked planes—almost everyone who has flown has experienced the need for an ‘Airline Passengers' Bill of Rights," Senator Ron Wyden said.

"For too long, the FAA has knuckled under to the airline industry. It's time to stand up...

American Airlines made a doctor wrap a blanket around herself because a flight attendant found her summer outfit 'inappropriate'

American Airlines should spend less time racially profiling their passengers and critiquing their choice of clothing and focus a little more on providing a level of customer service worthy of the outrageous cost we pay now to fly these increasingly hostile airlines. 



Woman Wears 9 Lbs. of Clothing on Plane to Avoid $85 Overweight Baggage Fee

Here's a comically pathetic example of Big Air’s abysmally misplaced customer service practices where their profits come first and passengers are humiliated.  

American Airlines Passengers Refuse to Use the Tiny Bathrooms

Just when you think that the Big Airlines can’t come up with any new ways to make our lives more painful, they are now trying to shrink the lavatories to almost unusable dimensions for passengers. You know it’s bad when even the flight attendants and pilots are raising alarms. 


Airline seat selection fees: It's pay to play

The Big Airlines continue to invent new and increasingly ridiculous fees, including for the privilege of actually reserving a seat.


Actor Stephen Keys sues airlines, claims finger was caught in armrest for duration of flight

It's yet another example of Big Air prioritizing their profits over upgrading failing equipment and improving deplorable customer service.



There's a good chance the water you drink on a plane could contain fecal bacteria

No amount of spin - or mouthwash - from Big Air lobbyists can lessen the disgusting findings from this study. Airlines need to step up make changes to the ways they treat the flying public.



Sen. Duckworth has her revenge on lousy airline service

After having had her wheelchair trashed twice by the airlines, Senator Tammy Duckworth - who lost both her legs while serving our country in Iraq - does what a senator can do: pass a law requiring public disclosure of airline baggage woes.



Are Airlines Purposely Splitting Up Families to Make More Money?

In June 2016 Congress added an amendment, the Families Flying Together Act, to the FAA Reauthorization Bill. The amendment states that airlines should seat any child under the age of 13 “adjacent to the seat of an accompanying family member over the age of 13, to the maximum extent practicable,...

Metro Detroit mom says Delta flight attendants tried to force her to sit apart from her kids

It's yet another ridiculous and concerning example of Big Air refusing to seat families with minor children together including threatening them with arrest.